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Eisenhower Box- How to be More Productive

Dwight Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States and is said to have

Internet – The highway to the utility of technology as a whole

The outbreak of Covid-19 caused a lockdown in the physical world. Public life came to

Haven’t you signed a family internet usage agreement yet?

The COVID-19 forced the world to be sited at home. During the lockdown, the screen

How to conduct Market research on a low budget?

Market research is a very important tool for anyone who is already doing business or

A Chameleon Leader- A Leader in Disguise

Surely you must have seen a chameleon in real life. What incredible creatures they are!

Unsecured Business Line of Credit Loans India

Funds are the proverbial soul to any business enterprise. For smooth operation, business organizations are

McGregor’s Theory of Motivation

As a manager of the team, what do you think are the factors behind your

Android Phones Might now Be More Secure Than iPhones?

Currently, only two operating systems are running in the smartphone market. The first is Apple’s

Ideas! Keep them organized for a better outcome.

Ideas! They may occur no matter what time it is, where you are, or with

It’s Really a Time to Break Mediocrity!

The Internet is a real invention of democratic values! The journey of the Internet, which

What Makes All of Us Procrastinators?

Yesterday I saw a TED Talk by Tim Urban about ‘What goes on in a

The Five Competitive Forces Analysis

This theory of five competitive forces analysis was given by Michael Porter, and is also

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