Ms. Lovely Kumar- Coaching Leaders for better Leadership

Ms. Lovely Kumar- Coaching Leaders for better Leadership

Fearless Entrepreneurs- Ms. Lovely Kumar- Coaching Leaders for better Leadership.

The global wave of the 2008 recession hit the world economy unexpectedly, and it set out to be a major setback for many industries. It changed the functioning of the industries, and it was then that the industries realized that it was time to invest more in out-come driven solutions. Learning and development has now become an integral part of any organization. It has helped to increase the effectiveness of the company employees and the teams within.  Ms. Lovely Kumar along with Ms. Anila Rattan saw this as a perfect opportunity to help the companies to get a tangible outcome for their training rupee and started Larks Learning to overcome the challenges in the L&D industry. 

“We saw a unique opportunity to be the organization that understood business needs and were able to help them to create highly customized workshops addressing business pain points at the quality and consistency of large MNC training companies at a fraction of their cost”, Ms. Lovely Kumar says on the foundation of Larks Learning. 

Larks’ Learning is training, coaching and a psychometric assessment company, based in Gurgaon. Psychometric assessments had great potential too, and this was the reason for their continued relationship with one of the best DISC profiles- Extended DISC. Larks Learning is the official partner of Extended DISC International, which is a leading DISC based assessment company. Larks Learning conducts certifications for Extended DISC and then works collaboratively with its clients to implement the solutions in their organizations. Extended DISC is a very versatile tool that can be used in the entire gamut of HR activities such as recruitment, training needs analysis, content development, facilitation, talent management, coaching, etc. Larks Learning also facilitates workshops to create individual development plans or team development plans.

Hailing from a stellar educational background that combines economics, communication, management, training, psychometric assessments, facilitation and coaching, Lovely Kumar says that she always wished to be an entrepreneur, and with that started the journey of Larks Learning. Ms. Lovely Kumar has worked actively in the area of leadership competency building and is a certified “Solutions Focused Coach”. 

“I believe that individual, team and organization success requires to focus on solutions and strengths and not problems and weaknesses”, says Ms. Lovely Kumar. 

Larks Learning offers services in 4 major areas- 

•    Customized Corporate Training

•    Extended DISC

•    Women Lead Interventions

•    Leadership Coaching

Mixing her experience in marketing and advertising with facilitation and coaching, Ms. Lovely has curated professional workshops for the companies. Some of these key workshops include “Becoming the best ME”, “Becoming the best WE”, “Giving & Receiving Feedback”, “Power of Storytelling”, “Effective business communication”, “Leadership School”, “Riding Change” etc. These workshops have helped the organizations to increase their efficiency by focusing on some of the key areas like leadership competencies, managerial skills, and communication skills. Their leadership training workshops are designed for the leaders at all levels of an organization. 

Their key initiative, Women Lead India, (Co-founded  by Lovely Kumar, Gitanjali Saksena & Anila Rattan) is where they work with women professionals in corporate India and assist them in their leadership journey using training, assessments, coaching, networking, and research. 

“Our core competency is our ability to understand business and convert that into learning interventions that focus on attitude and skill building. Our customer-centric attitude is another key differentiator. What is also a core competency is that we are keen on observing trends and are adapting that to our interventions but are not slavish to fads”, Ms. Lovely Kumar, Co-Founder, Larks Learning. 

This understanding of clients’ business needs and then converting it to highly customized interventions addressing business pain points has helped the company to deal with the competition. With this understanding of the market, Larks Learning has had a steady growth over the years and today has a diverse clientele that includes companies like E.I. Dupont, India Trade Promotion Organisation, GlobalLogic, Hewlett Packard, Cushman & Wakefield, Chase New Holland Industrial, Bharti Realty Limited, CPA Global, Gap, Aricent Technologies, D B Schenkar, DS Group.

What makes Larks Leaning Unique?

  • Larks Learning provides innovative, research based, learning solutions.
  • They help organizations achieve their business goals by assisting in people development through quality learning interventions and assessments.
  • Their tagline says it all in 3 pithy words: Yearning. Learning. Earning.

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