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Motorola Launches the Razr Phone with Folding Touchscreen. | The Enterprise World

Motorola Launches the Razr Phone with Folding Touchscreen.

Following folding phone steps of Samsung, a world-famous pioneer brand of mobile phones Motorola now owned by Lenovo launched a folding phone making even more sense than the Samsung galaxy fold.

On Wednesday, Motorola launched its motorola razr foldable in a completely new Avatar. Now the phone comes with a full touch screen.

With the closed flip, you get a small 2.7-inch screen where you can access new emails, messages, music controls, camera viewfinder, incoming phone calls, mobile payment cards and etc.

But once you open it, it turns into a big smartphone with a 6.2-inch display. Firstly, Samsung used folding screen technology on a phone looking like a tab. People didn’t respond to it as its design doesn’t allow you to keep it in a pocket easily.

Keeping this is in mind Motorola developed such a phone that easily fits in your pocket. Different objects like a coin, pins can’t affect the screen of Motorola Razr folding phone as the screen goes inside and protects it from scratches. 

The motorola razr foldable was a famous phone people loving to own one from 2004 to 2006. Only the drawback is its price.

The phone comes for $1500 with not as great specifications worth for the price. It comes with a year-old android version Android 9 Pie. It is a snapdragon 710 chip powered phone instead of a more powerful Snapdragon 855+. 16 MP camera is nothing for this much price. Now day Phones with 2 times lesser prices are loaded with more than 16 MP cameras. With just a fingerprint sensor without a face reading facility, you might find this phone overpriced.

Motorola has stepped back into the market with this new avatar of motorola razr foldable after many years. It’s obvious that Motorola must be expecting more from this phone.

Still, the doubt remains uncleared in the mind that will people buy this phone just being a fancy folding phone without any great specifications?

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