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Nasir Sharif- MN Realtors- Make Your Dreams into Reality

The real estate industry in India has evolved over the years. There is a greater demand for residential properties as well as commercial properties. The market size for the real estate industry is increasing. With the development in the IT sector, there also is a need for better commercial projects. And with this, there is a need for firms that will provide realty solutions. Keeping this scenario in mind, and after working for reputed firms in Bangalore, Nasir Sharif decided to start his real estate firm, MN Realtors, in 1998.  

“We are MN Realtors the people who will take you from Realty to Reality”, is Nasir Shah’s motto of the company.

Be it buying or selling, or leasing the property, with commitment and dedication towards every project, no matter how small or big it is, MN Realtors is standing up to the expectations of its customers. To provide a one-stop solution to all the realty needs in the rising market, such as complete realty solutions, be it office, individual homes, flats, joint development, consultancy or development. And being transparent as clear water when it comes to the transactions of the complicated dealings of the realty, MN Realtors take pride in introducing themselves as one of the best property consultants. The company provides services in the following areas:

•    Extensive market survey

•    Residential, Commercial properties, Industrial Sheds

•    Co-coordinating with the owners

•    Negotiating the most suitable terms

•    Mediation between parties

•    Assessing and evaluating properties

•    Arrangement of finance assistance

•    Property Management

•    Taking care of legal matters, paperwork, deeds, titles, and registration and more.

“We have achieved this through our sincere efforts, dedication, and discipline which we can proudly boast of”, says Mr. Nasir.

With certified courses like the MLS (Multiple Listing Services), REP (Realtor Education Program), Real Estate Brokerage Management course from the International Real Property Foundation, and many such courses, Mr. Nasir has had a good understanding of the real estate market. This has helped him to keep the company up to date, with all the changing trends in the market. Mr. Nasir currently also is working as the joint secretary for the BRAI organization. 

Even though there are changes in the real estate industry, increasing demand for property dealers in all the sectors like the residential and commercial, the industry is still a service-oriented industry. Your services have to be on par to retain the client. And the emerging new industries only make the competition harder. But with his dedication and the passion to deliver better quality, Mr. Nasir has set the roots firm in the real estate industry. 

“Real Estate Industry is a service-oriented industry and in today’s technology retaining the client is like holding the ice in the 40-degree temperature.  By the grace of almighty and with the support and trust of our client it was easy”, says Mr. Nasir.

Apart from that, by taking regular updates, having periodic training sessions, and enhancing tools for the trade has helped the company be abreast with the latest trends in the industry. Moreover, the Government norms and regulations have enabled them to guide and strike the right deal to their clients every time. 

A new day comes with new learning, says Mr. Nasir Sharif. There is a lot of competition in the market, and the only way to cope with it is if you are updated with all the technological trends in the market, the new reforms in the industry. Regular updates from the local association BRAI, the National Association NAR INDIA, and International Association FIABCI have helped the MN Realtors cope with the competition and be a step ahead of everyone else in the industry. 

“Always think as a buyer/seller, not a real estate agent”, says Mr. Nasir.

And that is what is making the people of MN Realtors, the people of reality rather than the people of realty. The trust-building with their clients, their reputation in the market and their excellence in their services is what they are working on to take the company a step further. What keeps you in the market is the trust you build with your clients. That is the most important thing to survive in the market. 

Mr. Nasir says that we at the MN Realtors don’t just provide property spaces to the companies. Rather we present ourselves as the solution providers to the problems of the real estate buyers, be it buying a property, or selling one, or just give it on lease. It is important that the clients know what exactly is happening in the market, and then they can take the steps. And that is exactly what the company does. They provide the clients with all the necessary information and the facts, and then together they come up with the perfect solution for the problem. Real estate is a tricky business, and it can change very easily, so to keep the clients is difficult, and it sure needs a lot of effort. 

“When the client asks me when the right time to buy the property, we always say that today is the right time to buy the property  WHY the price of today’s will not be the same and property prices goes up every day”, says Mr. Nasir on what keeps the company driven for the business. 

As Mr. Nasir says, MN Realtors nothing but a big family, all the employees in the company are treated like family and their needs are properly taken care of. They make sure that their comfort and other day-to-day needs. That is their secret to a healthy work environment and keeps the employees motivated for all the projects at hand. And as for the client relationship mantra? Just as simple, be honest! Informing the client with the raw facts about the property and letting him all the details is the foundation they build their client-relationships. It helps to facilitate an honest relationship with the client and also build their trust.

What makes MN Realtors Unique?

  • The company aims at making the dreams of people into reality.
  • One can find all the realty solutions under a single roof.
  • Be it buying or selling, or leasing the property, with commitment and dedication towards every project, no matter how small or big it is, is the aim of MN Realtors. 

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