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Shwetha Prasad – Creating brands with a purpose and passion

The current era is the time of the digital revolution, because from the object to the identity of the human being is also digitally transformed. Bar-coding about the information of a product or an Aadhaar card with a human-related identity is a contribution of the digital revolution. In a world where everything is digitized, if a business does not fully utilize the digital platforms available to them to improve their business stance, it would become an underutilization of available opportunities. If we look at the stats of the market today, about 80% of shoppers prefer to do online research before buying any product or taking service.

In this scenario, Omnia Digital is making efforts to fulfil all digital needs of businesses and empower them with providing comprehensive cutting edge solutions under one roof!

Omnia’s Founder & CEO Shwetha Prasad and her team of experts strive for innovation that can add speed to their client’s businesses.

The Company

Omnia is a 4-year-old full-service agency, fully bootstrapped by Ms. Shwetha Prasad. She is electronics and communication graduate and she always dreamt of starting a business and not being a part of the one run by her father. She always wanted to start a business on her own and shuffled between a couple of jobs. Shwetha started off with an MNC and was then a part of the core team of another startup that later went on for investment evaluation. She exited at the 2 year mark from the start-up and moved on to another digital agency as their COO.  That’s when she realized that digital and creative were her passion and that lead to the creation of Omnia Digital

Omnia has a lot of different clients from a lot of different industries that have come to them with business ideas that they have had to refine and take forward from their name to logo to their digital asset. Omnia has also worked with old school SME’s that wanted to rebrand and go digital. They have also worked with a lot of well-known corporates and big brands that wanted sales, lead generation or brand awareness

The Early Days

Initially, there was really no company or anything, Shwetha started off with just her for one and a half months making and sending out proposals. She would turn up at 10 AM every day, make a bunch of client calls, send proposals, take meetings and nothing really panned out. She says, “It was very challenging that it was just me, and I had to push through all the No’ s I was getting.”  There would be a lot of proposals that would go out with no response, no avail. The challenge was to power through the No’s all by herself as she didn’t have a team in place yet and she had to turn up to work with the same amount of zeal and passion to convert the first client. That eventually did happen but that one and a half months- two months was indeed a massive challenge for the company.

Then the growth started…

Shwetha says “the growth graph’s starting point comes from a very personal place of me not being comfortable or conforming to anything mediocre. My go-to the mantra, cliched as that sounds, is “Mediocrity is the worst thing that can happen to anybody.”  At every stage that they grew, they felt that they should continue to grow and at any given point they were settling into a comfort zone, Shwetha would ensure to push themselves to get a better office, bigger clients, better bigger and stronger team.  Shwetha gives a shoutout to her team for the company’s growth and two very special girls that worked with her– Aadharshana and Parul who were and still are very much a part of the Omnia family. They were key in envisioning a growth for Omnia and in laying the foundation for what it has become today.

The efforts of passionate people and their approach to never look at any client as a transaction but a relationship are the vital factors behind Omnia’s Success.

What is most important is that you constantly question yourself, whether or not you have added value to that business, and if you are meeting your deliverables. The business you have taken on should care like it’s your own.

Their Offerings   

Services that Omnia offers are split into three verticals, i.e Branding, Tech & Digital. Branding is all things creative, tech is your website design and development, and mobile app design development, e-commerce portal design development, Digital is all things digital- social, email, search, etc. Based on the client and their needs, they come up with a custom plan on utilizing platforms that would benefit from the client.

Taking innovation to the table

Digital Marketing today is evolving to be a data analytics play. It’s no longer about putting pretty creatives. There is so much data feedback from each of the digital platforms we are dealing with. The future of digital is going to be a lot of data analytics play and just not all about driving likes with appealing creatives. Omnia possesses the power to categorize based on their income to their age, to their region to the recent interests. The entire digital behavior of an individual can be gathered and analyzed. It is all about utilizing it correctly and creating a funnel with it. Analyze and read the data and play with that to create ROI through digital. Digital has come a long way from where it has started. It started off just as social media platforms where you get eyeballs on your product and today, we have lead gen, Whatsapp conversions, tracking, and remarketing, there is so much going on in every stage. The future definitely is entire data analytics in digital

Plain and simple, digital is dynamic and challenging, always keeping us on our toes. Every day we wake up to find that a platform or an algorithm has changed. If you are not up to date or not current/hands-on, it really does not work. That’s why at Omnia, I get my hands dirty with some of the campaigns, some of the designs because the trends are so quickly changing that if you don’t keep up with it, you have lost.

Looking Ahead

Shwetha says, “Omnia is a 360 degree full-service digital agency and they already have most of the services under the big umbrella. What I am excited about is tools and software that aid in data analysis and process the same.” This particular software they are working on helps them process all the data feedback that they get from across all platforms, instead of analyzing it platform wise used by consumers. The data shall be curated and analyzed for you to improve targeting and to achieve better ratios. This has definitely been on her mind for a while, definitely cutting edge.

Shwetha Prasad – A leader with a revolutionary vision

After completing her college degree, two paths opened up for her – either to follow her dad’s business or make a name for her on her own terms. Shwetha began her journey with a major consultancy firm post which she started the pursuit of her passion and joined the core team in another startup and played an integral role right from ideation to making it an organization with 100+ employees within just a year. Post this she moved onto becoming the COO of a digital agency, a move that changed her life and future because it made her identify her love for digital and drove her to start Omnia Digital!

Omnia is a 360 degree full-service digital agency and they already have most of the services under the big umbrella.

Shwetha Prasad

The Workforce

Shwetha Says “I would start off by getting rid of the term employees because it’s a term that irks me. We are a team, and as cliched as it does sound, we are a family. And like any family, we have our ups and downs.”  The biggest way Shwetha contributes to taking care of the team is to invest in their growth as much as her and the company’s, so she tries her best to ensure they don’t stagnate and they also grow alongside her and the company is one of the biggest ways.

Talking about the need for constant vigilance Shwetha says, “With regards to the team, more than vigilance I would say constant mentoring and guidance is key to building a team. Carries your core values through the company and I am somebody who is completely against micromanaging in any form. I am someone who believes that anyone who walks into Omnia should come in with a passion for what they do. If you come in with that passion, you will deliver results because you are driven to doing what you do. I don’t believe in strict vigilance of what’s going on, I do believe in mentoring people and shaping them into becoming better but that’s as far as I go”

Overwhelming Client Experience

There are a lot of brands that Omnia has worked with. They have worked with start-ups, SME’s, corporates that come to them where they can take care of everything from naming to logo to building that brand, that business and taking them to the market and seeing sales coming. That whole journey of building that brand just enhances the whole client experience. “I’ll stay true to my heart that start-ups are always close to my heart, having worked in so many startups myself and it being one of my most special experiences” Shwetha commented.

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