The 10 Transformational Business Leaders to Look Out 2020- Vol. 2

Cover Story

Leadership Profiles

Ashok Mittal

Shaping The Future Of Businesses With Easy Credit Offerings

Mr Ashok Mittal- Prest Loans

Premal Karelia

Transforming India’s Logistic Industry With Intelligent Storage Solutions

Premal Kaleria

Sudhir Panditrao & Mangesh Wagh

A Duo Setting Up The New Benchmarks In The Knowledge Sector

Ashmita Dhingra

Immortalizing ideas, digitally!

Ashmita Dhingra, Managing Director at Digifish3

Graham Bright

Creating Future Of Businesses With Financial Acumen

Dr. Rahul Mirchandani

A Leader On A Mission To Transform Farming In India!

Rahul Mirchandani- Aries Agro

Uma Shankar Bhardwaj

Creating, Rejuvenating, And Repositioning Brands

Uma Shankar Bhardwaj

PiLog Group

Innovations & Agility Transforming Digital Business!!!

Sonica Aron

Creating The Way Of Growth For Businesses Through Marching Sheep

Sonica Aron

Paving Immigration for all from decades

XIPHIAS Immigration

Varun Singh- Xiphias Immigration

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