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The Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2021

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Innovating Data Processing via the Cloud

Christopher M Carter- Approyo

Avekshaa Technologies

Transforming Businesses with Top Notched IT Solutions

Rajinder Gandotra- Avekshaa Technologies


The Brand

Batool Zaidi- BeReal


Trailblazing Industrial AI Sphere

Krishnan Raman- Flutura


Innovators of Tomorrow

Fran Killoway- Frasil

GND Solutions

A Revolution Digitalizing the Sphere, IoT Redefined!

Venkata Siva Reddy - GND Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Nirmalya Labs

Product Engineering, Fortified and Redefined

Nirmalya Labs

CXO Articles

Top Cyber Security Concerns

- Dan Stone- COO- Storage Made Easy

Dan Stone- Storage Made Easy

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